At St Mary’s Catholic College, caring for people is at the heart of what we do. Relationships come first. Our focus is the positive wellbeing of all, within a framework that develops resilience, enhances a sense of self-worth, inspires the desire to exercise moral courage, and fosters the capacity to care for self, others, and the environment.

Our community provides a nurturing environment:

  • honouring uniqueness
  • challenging students in their formation
  • setting high standards and expectations
  • offering high levels of support
  • empowering students.

Each young person who experiences a St Mary’s education is invited to grow in faith and have the courage to express love and be of service as they take their place in the world. The student experience at St Mary’s is built around our college mantra; Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner. Our mantra gives voice to community expectations of all students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff. When we fall short, failing to live up to the ideals we have set ourselves, the principles of restorative justice will guide us as we seek to heal and reconcile our differences through an honest examination of our choices and a determination to see that truth is named and justice is served.

St Mary’s Catholic College aims to ensure every student is cared for with dignity and compassion. Our students are inspired, nurtured, and challenged to grow into self-confident, resilient young adults who have the courage to act with honesty and integrity. College staff seek to affirm and celebrate the many gifts and achievements of the student body through an internal merit system and a publicly lauded annual awards ceremony. We recognise the contribution the whole community makes to the development and maturation of our students.

The college motto, Ready to Serve, is fundamental to our tradition. Students are encouraged to work for the common good, to be responsible stewards of our environment and to advocate for social justice. A diverse range of activities invite students to discover and develop their inner life in harmony with individual skills, talents, and abilities. The student experience at St Mary’s pairs a challenging academic curriculum with a variety of co-curricular pursuits, designed to test and extend each student beyond their perceived capabilities.