At St Mary’s Catholic College, we employ 110 teaching staff and 26 support staff.  

The Leadership Team is responsible for setting and achieving the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the Strategic and Annual Plan. This group of dynamic individuals is each responsible for key aspects of college life.

A list of staff contacts can be found below. Please note that teachers of each subject are listed on the Faculty pages.

Leadership Team


Mr Larry Keating

Assistant Principal –

Learning & Teaching

Mrs Cathy O’Gorman

Assistant Principal –

Wellbeing & Engagement

Mr Benjamin Frize

Ministry Coordinator

Mrs De-Anna Addicoat

Administration Coordinator

Mr Andrew Burke


The Learning & Wellbeing Teams

Religious Studies

Mrs Elizabeth Quinlan


Mrs Tracy Carpenter


Mrs Tania Eastcott


Mrs Margaret Wright


Ms Natasha Convery


Mr Stephen Burns

Creative Arts & Languages

Ms Morag Aitchison

Technology & Applied Studies

Mr Clint Crispin

Vocational Education & Training + Careers

Ms Paula Finlay

Digital Innovation and Learning

Mr Shane Abell


Mrs Rosalind Dunn

Learning Support Coordinators

Mr Timothy O’Neill

Mrs Michelle Van Vlimmeren

Pedagogical Mentor

Mrs Georgina Lindsay

Gifted Education Mentor

Mrs Elisa Milajew

Admin Coord Timetable

Mr Andrew Burke

Student Pastoral Council Coordinators

Ms Louise Hatcher

Mrs Louise Henderson



Year 12

Mrs Maryanne Murray

Year 11

Ms Sharon Smith

Year 10

Mr Gerard Cushan

Year 9

Mr Daniel Beckett

Year 8

Ms Katrina Brennan

Year 7

Mrs Ruth McCrae


Support Staff

School Officers (IT)

Mr Rod Allan

Mr Jonathan Tickle         

School Officer (Principal Secretary)

Mrs Debbie Carter

School Officer (Finance)

Mrs Helen See

Mrs April Bisegna

School Officer (Administration)

Mrs Lola Romanelli

Mrs Petty Sofianos 

Mrs Stephanie Leard 

School Officer (Student Services)

Mrs Zora Velich

Mrs Linda Younger

Mrs Jodie Warburton

School Officers (Canteen)

Mrs Debra Tserepas

Mrs Brooke Ceaser

Mrs Fiona Fowler

School Officers (Hospitality)

Mrs Christine Shaw

Mrs Michelle Russell

School Officers (Science)

Mrs Sharon Butler

Mrs Lutzia Scherrer

School Officer (TAS)

Mr Martin Francis

School Officer

(Student Support)

Mrs Janice Lawrence

Mrs Leya Wilson

Mrs Cherise Bekens

School Officers (Grounds Person)

Mr Ian Lucietto

Mr Steven Howlett

Mr Michael Rush