Discover St Mary's Catholic College

St. Mary's High School was opened in January 1964 by the Sisters of St Joseph as a comprehensive high school serving students in the East Lake Macquarie region from Years 7-10. In 2018, following in the traditions established by the Sisters, we transitioned to a renewed vision of our school community as a Year 7-12 Catholic High School, changing our name to St Mary’s Catholic College. We enrol students from schools in the East Lake Macquarie region. Children from Catholic primary schools in the region – St Paul's at Gateshead, St Joseph's at Charlestown, St Pius X at Windale, St Francis Xavier's at Belmont, St Mary's at Warners Bay and St Patrick's at Swansea are zoned to enrol at St Mary's.

Why local families choose St Mary’s Catholic College

The educational environment you choose for your child really is an important decision; you can trust St Mary’s has an established history and tradition of realising the potential of all children entrusted to our care.


St Mary’s is a place of excellence and growth where students are challenged to give their best in the pursuit of the highest standards of excellence as a person and as a learner. Teachers at St Mary’s are committed to engaging in purposeful, shared (collaborative) and motivating learning catering for a diversity of students’ gifts, talents, abilities and interests.


A highly committed and experienced staff body strive to nurture the development of students and assist them to reach their full potential. St Mary’s teachers are committed to a holistic form of education and take particular care and interest in the learning style and attributes of each student in a safe and happy learning environment.

  1. STRONG SENSE OF COMMUNITY – relationships come first

Students at St Mary’s are constantly challenged and encouraged to be other-centred and to exercise their social conscience. This is reflected in the presence and work of the Student Pastoral Council, the school’s community care/outreach programs, the school’s Junior Vinnies group and the generous support of the whole community with fundraising activities in support of the Catholic Church’s missionary endeavours and other charitable organisations and causes.

  1. STRONG FOCUS ON THE ENVIRONMENT – Earth stewardship

St Mary’s is committed to raising students’ environmental awareness and making them more actively involved in caring for the earth. The school is a registered Landcare group and students participate in planting native vegetation, preparing and caring for native gardens, collecting and germinating seeds in a greenhouse, supporting the regeneration of native plants, assisting in the care of a vegetable garden and rejuvenating a water course flowing through the school.


Students have the opportunity to engage with the creative and performing arts, a plethora of sporting opportunities, involvement in the National Science & Engineering Challenge, the integration of digital technology in the teaching/learning process, the availability of Vocational Education and Training Courses and the availability of a Learning Support Centre.