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Principal’s Statement – 2019 HSC Results




St Mary's Catholic College


Outstanding 2019 HSC Results


You cannot expect to measure the success of 13 years of schooling with a single score, such as an ATAR. This is especially the case in the circumstances where students walk a different and much more challenging path to gain their HSC. This was the reality for the small group of students who comprised our first HSC class.


These students chose courage. They chose to stake their senior education on what is to be rather than stake their comfort, their security and the future direction of their education on what was established, certain and secure. As the College’s first HSC class, Year 12 (2019), made a choice to seed the present so that others, who follow, may reap the best of what they have sowed. They have set a standard which will see the College maturing rapidly into an outstanding Year 7 to 12 Catholic College.


Today, is a celebration of their boldness, audacity and courage. It is a celebration of achievements embodying a collective determination to rise above mediocrity, to aspire to excellence, to strive for continuous improvement and growth as people and as learners, and to do so in a manner giving dignity to our common humanity and honouring the precious nature of their unique gifts and talents.


It is an absolute pleasure to recognise and acclaim the splendid achievements of the 40 students comprising our first HSC class. Congratulations extend to all of our students, their parents and staff on the wonderful results attained in our inaugural HSC.


Some of the key achievements are:

  • Five students applied for and received early offers of placement at their University of choice, and based on results gained, there is an expectation of a significant number of offers to follow, once students know their ATAR’s.
  • Students achieved above the state average for combined bands 4, 5 and 6 for sixteen of the twenty-seven courses the College offered.
  • 100% of the cohort in eight of the courses achieved in the top 3 bands.
  • Significantly, not ONE student received a HSC course mark under 50.


The conclusion to be drawn from these splendid results is that ALL students, irrespective of their ability, have been able to achieve to an exceptional standard of academic excellence because of the outstanding quality of the learning and associated challenge provided to them by their teachers.






Larry Keating



17 December 2019


Living in the Eastlakes Macquarie Region,


you have a choice of high schools.

Each has its own history, traditions, structure, culture and underlying philosophy. The schools are different and, as responsible parents, your challenge is to choose a school that is best aligned with your values and beliefs and the aspirations you hold for your child both as a learner and as a person. 

The educational environment you choose for your child really does matter. We present St. Mary's Catholic College, Gateshead, to you as an excellent Catholic College which has an established history and tradition of realising the potential of children entrusted to our care.

St. Mary's has been the school of choice for three generations of Catholic families in the Eastlakes Macquarie region.

It is recognised and acclaimed as a safe, disciplined, welcoming and caring community. It is a school where paramount importance is given to building and nurturing quality relationships; providing excellence in teaching and learning; setting and maintaining high standards and expectations in all dimensions of college life and providing a sound spiritual framework for students' personal growth and development as learners and as people.

Our students have a splendid history and tradition of outstanding achievements at St. Mary's. As graduates of Catholic schooling they continue to achieve to the highest standards of excellence across a broad cross-section of human endeavour.