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DioSounds 2017




The annual DioSounds event was held June 8 at Civic Theatre. Our students presented a highly impressive program based on the movies “La La Land” and “The Sapphires” to fit with the concert theme of “Broadway Melodies and Hollywood Harmonies”.



Our first item featured Oliver Crawford (piano) and Alyssa Ayling (flute) playing “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme”. They were a beautiful accompaniment to Sophie Woodforth and Olivia Tindall who added another dimension to the performance through dance.


Our second item featured a vocal ensemble from students from yr9 and yr10 elective music classes who performed the poignant song “Tracks of My Tears”. They were accompanied by Lavinia Collucio on guitar and an ensemble of students from the two elective music classes. There is a small clip and photo of this group running through the song at the technical rehearsal at the Civic the day before the show.

 Diosounds Rehersal Video  

We concluded our segment with the very popular song “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”. This soul classic featured singers Alana Harris, Alyssa Ayling and Grace Lovatt. They were capably accompanied by backing vocalists and a talented group of guitarists, keyboardists and percussionists in a driving performance.

Well done to all performers! You were fine ambassadors for the school.