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Food Technology


St Mary’s Food Technology rooms are a modern teaching facility. The rooms are spacious and airy. Each room contains 6 self-contained bays and all bench tops are stainless steel. The equipment in the rooms is new and current. There is a combination of commercial and domestic ovens which enables not only the Food Technology classes to get widespread practical experience, but it also caters for the VET hospitality classes.


One room is fitted with overhead cameras, above the demonstration bench, which projects onto a plasma TV, enabling easy viewing of demonstrations. This also doubles as a data projector for 21st century learning. The desks in each classroom are centrally located, so theory lessons can be conducted without entering the food bays.


The school uses these fabulous facilities to conduct a school-run breakfast club, with the help from St Vincent de Paul. Not only does this provide a nutritious breakfast for a number of students but it also brings to life our school motto “Ready to Serve” through the work of staff and student volunteers.

Learning Support Centre


The St Mary’s Learning Centre is a resource that is available to all students at our school. It is staffed by a team of Learning Support Teachers and Learning Support Assistants.


The main focus of our Learning Centre is to provide assistance to students with Special Needs, as well as support to staff and parents of students with Special Needs. This is done using a collaborative approach where input is required from all key stakeholders.


As well as providing support to students with Special Needs, teachers are able to refer any student to the Learning Centre for intervention, or simply for assistance with homework, assignments or assessments tasks. Learning Support Staff work closely with Student Co-ordinators as well as with our School Counsellor to identify and address student needs across the entire school population. As a result the Learning Centre is responsible for meeting the needs of a diverse group of students.


The Learning Centre is equipped with online computers, IPads and lounges as well as an interactive smart board. This allows for multiple students across all years to have access to a quiet work place as well as to technology that can be used to assist with learning.



St Mary’s Library is a busy and vibrant place with all the latest resources for 21st century learners. From the latest best sellers to classic fiction our endeavour is to encourage and develop a love of literature in all our students.

In this technology rich environment, the Library also develops and promotes programs that aim to cultivate digital citizenship and 21st Century Thinking Skills.


The library also has a dedicated website for the St Mary’s Community, providing a wide range of literacy support materials. It can be located at: St Mary's Library Web Site


Additional programs also nurture the whole child and these include involvement in the Secondary Chess Tournaments and NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. Regular Literature Themed events also take place throughout each year with such things as Harry Potter and Hunger Game festivals.

The St Mary’s Library is a place that students enjoy coming to, where they feel welcomed and valued.

Music (Creative Arts)


St Mary’s is blessed with some of the best designed music rooms ever seen in the Diocese. The architects responded to a request from staff and brought in an acoustic engineer to advise at the design stage. As a result we have several cutting edge features many schools can only dream of including:

  • Asymmetric floor plan to minimise echo in the teaching spaces.
  • Sound proofing between classes to prevent noise transference.
  • Double glazed supervision windows to the main practice rooms.
  • Sound absorbing materials on the walls and dimpled ceilings to prevent reverberation. Multiple data points to ensure we are a 21st Century classroom.
  • Folding wall for large rehearsal space gives flexibility of use. e.g. concerts, talent quests, performances.

Added to these design features are a wide range of instruments to allow students to develop a wide range of musical skills. In the area of I.T. we have a mini music computer lab which is stacked full of the latest publishing, sequencing and editing software to enhance student compositions and recordings.


St Mary’s is very proud of its outstanding music rooms and equally proud of the many fine achievements of our music students. The range of spaces allows us to run choir, band, guitar groups, drum groups and rock band rehearsals concurrently if necessary.


These great facilities allow our teachers to design programs for the students which are engaging, challenging and relevant to their needs and interests and assists our students to achieve their very best.



Refurbishment of the science area of the school is now complete. The remaining two older laboratories have been fitted out with the latest technology smart boards, safety equipment and new student furniture. Floors have been recovered in a hard wearing, water repellent material. This material also has the benefit of absorbing and hence reducing noise often associated with traditional laboratory flooring. The light and airy atmosphere of the laboratories has been retained. Their northerly aspect means the areas are passively warmed in winter while in summer the rooms benefit from sea breezes.