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Child protection




Thank you for taking the time to become a volunteer worker at St Mary’s.  We rely on volunteer assistance in many ways - Canteen, School Dances, Sports Coaching, Excursions and so on.  We regret that the process to become a volunteer is now more complicated that it used to be.  This is a result of legislation designed to keep school safe places for children.  Please do not let the added complexity discourage you from volunteering.  Keeping our children safe is of paramount importance.

  • Prior to commencing as a volunteer at St Mary’s Catholic College, please download and complete the attached form (WWCC Clearance Number Verification & Declaration form) available at the bottom of this page.
  • Alternatively, visit the Front Office of the school and complete the Verification form enabling you to work as a volunteer.
  • The attached form must be completed and submitted to the school in person. Please remember to bring your 100 points of Identification with you so that it can be sighted.
  • The school will process your application.  Please allow a couple of days for this process to be completed, you will be unable to volunteer during this time.


  Working With Children Volunteer Handbook